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    • Mens Health - April 2014

    Mens Health - April 2014






    • Celebrated Living - Spring 2014


    Celebrated Living - Spring 2014

    • Garden and Gun - December 2013

    Arkansas’s Martin Dingman, well known for its luxury leather goods, is gaining equal praise for its new Countrywear Collection, which includes these dapper English pointer neckties. A smart way to wear your love of sporting on your sleeve—er, neck.






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    Footwear News - December 2013






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    PGA Magazine/M Plus
    • Bowties & Boatshoes - October 2013

    Three decades ago, Martin Dingman launched a company.  No, it wasn’t the one that makes the fantastic leather goods his name has become synonymous with, it was a tie company called Rainbow Neckwear.  Well, thirty years later Dingman, decided it was time to get back to his roots, and he set out to once again put his touch on the neckwear industry.  The result is a fantastic lineup of ties that were recently released as part of the Martin Dingman Countrywear Collection.
    • Golf Press Association - October 2013

    Martin Dingman Countrywear is rooted in centuries of tradition and created with the finest materials and hand craftsmanship on the planet. Suitable on or off the golf course, every piece tells a unique story of heritage, quality, and a Refined Country Life.

    • Red Clay Soul - September 2013

    After 30 years in the making, I’m very proud to announce the new Martin Dingman Countrywear line.  My friend has knocked it out of the park.  Congratulations to you, Martin.
    Celebrated for his timeless leather goods design and insatiable pursuit of the very best, Martin Dingman expands his collection to include Harris Tweed Field Jackets, English Moleskin trousers, 100’s 2‐ply mosquito proof shirtings, Alpaca hosiery and English woven silk neckwear.


    • Great Lakes Prep - July 2013

    This week kicks off the third of four majors, the Open Championship.  This year’s tournament is being held at Muirfield, a gem of a course hosting for the sixteenth time.  While it hasn’t held the event nearly as often, Turnberry is another Scottish course that’s hosted its own share of memorable matches, including 1977′s “Duel in the Sun.”  The course has also lent its name to a belt from Martin Dingman that should find its way onto a golf course near you this week.

    • Bowties & Boatshoes - July 2013

    As much as we would like to claim that boatshoes are the epitome of the All-American shoe, we know full well that a classic penny loafer holds that crown.  We are firm believers that a classic pair of loafers will never be out of style, and that every man should have at least one pair ready to go at all times.  Our go to loafers are starting to look a bit worn these days, and we will soon be upgrading to a pair of Pierson loafers from Martin Dingman.
    • Celebrated Living - Winter 2012

    Holiday Gift Guide
     Celebrated Living Winter 2012
    • GOLF Chicago Magazine - May 2012

    Dad's Day Gift Guide: Show him that he's still the Top Pop! 







    • The Trot Line - March 2012

    You know what I dig? Mad Men. You know what’s even cooler? A Martin Dingman belt on John Slattery.

    In a recent GQ spread on John Slattery, a Martin Dingman belt appeared. Slattery, looking fresh as always, rocked the belt.

    Who is Martin Dingman though?

    Dingman is a remarkable leather craftsman out of the Ozark Mountains. A lifer in the clothing market, Dingman has worked across the board. From working in department stores to launching a bow tie line to designing Cole Haan accessories to his current leather goods line, the man has done it all. Read more at





    • GQ - April 2012

    GQ April 2012

    • Red Clay Soul - March 2012

    The second stop on my tour was Martin Dingman’s workshop.  Located in northern Arkansas (about 45 minutes from Branson), we fought a slight blizzard to make it down.  We all arrived in-tact, and I got to see where the proverbial ’magic’ happens.  The workshop is located on a beautiful piece of property – it is large, but doesn’t look as big as it is from the street. Read more at



    • Red Clay Soul - February 2012

    I recently traveled to Branson, MO in the heart of the Ozarks to visit Martin Dingman.  Martin has been in the leather business for almost 30 years, and in that time – he has honed his craft beyond the expert level.  To say that Martin is an artist would be an understatement.  With leather as his medium, he constantly develops high-quality men’s accessories that stand up to the elements for many years.  Not only that, he is a really cool guy. Read more at



    • Cigar Aficionado - April 2012 issue

    Cigar Aficionado April 2012
    • Great Lakes Prep - January 2012

    Wellington Belt

    Ribbon and needlepoint belts are great but they aren’t necessarily always office-appropriate.  For situations that require more formal dress, it’s good to have a quality leather belt to turn to.  Sure, your basic leather belt may not be as fun or show your personality as well as the aforementioned styles, but it’s an edict we must follow.  There’s nothing wrong with basic, anyways.  There’s a reason it’s used in the boardroom.  It simply looks good.  When you do need basic, make sure it’s a belt crafted with years of American heritage and fine leather, like the Wellington Belt by Martin Dingman ($145).

    Crafted from hand rubbed calfskin and finished with a hand sewn polished nickel buckle, the Wellington is understatement at its best.  It’s not showy, but it’s subtle elegance lends a distinguished look, a look that gets better with time as the saddle leather liner ages beautifully.  There are three colors to choose from and, while the ebony and caffe look great, it’s the maple that has my eye.  The subtle transitions from darker to lighter tones set it apart from the others.  Keep in mind that unlike most needlepoint belts, where you order a size 2″ larger than your pants, you’ll want to order these the same size as your pants as they are measured from buckle end to center hole.

    • The Wilder Things - December 2011

    Joseph Billfold Martin Dingman, the designer behind Martin Dingman Leathergoods, kicks off The Wilder Things first "10 Questions For..." series. Martin and I talked about everything from the 80's to paisley prints to Division I Basketball. Included are pictures I took of Martin Dingman Leathergoods Spring 2012 line. Read on to find out what inspires this designer and why he's wild.

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